Zicht op Zalmhaven is a single-table restaurant to which guests are invited for a three course meal and an interdisciplinary conversation. The invitees are working in the fields of art, philosophy, social science, cultural theory and history. Among the guests will be Joel Anderson, Dora García, Frans-Willem Korsten, Wouter Osterholt, Elke Uitentuis and others.

Zicht op Zalmhaven aims for the exchange of thoughts and ideas between people in the hope that new perspectives on a given subject can come to exist and feed back into ones own research. The restaurant will start by hosting four evenings on the subjects: Autonomy, Agency and Free Will, Gesture, Display and Body Language, Self-Organzing Structures and Reading the City.

The chosen subjects come forth from the interests and questions the artist and organizer, Esmé Valk, deals with in her artistic practice. As such the project Zicht op Zalmhaven can be seen as an alternative form of doing research, one that finds its foundation in sharing. Sharing by the guests of their research, interests, and questions through conversation and sharing by the host through the preparation of a dedicated meal and environment.

The meals themselves take place in a private setting. Afterwards the content of the conversation will be made public in the form of a PDF transcript. Links to the transcripts will be added to the list on the right.

Reading the City. A conversation between Frans-Willem Korsten, Wouter Osterholt and Elke Uitentuis.
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Freedoms and Choices. A conversation between Joel Anderson and Dora García.
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Changing Courses. A conversation between Nat Muller and Omar Muñoz-Cremers.
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